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Reports by Practice Function

0. Key Performance Indicators and Practice Metrics

1. Compare Insurance Company Net Collections, Profits, Charge Backs & VSP Lab Charges

2. Track Sales by Dispensers and Source

3. Track Sales by Product Categories (for Frame Reps and Buyers)

4. Analyze Daily Services and Product Sales

5. Analyze Sales w/Monthly Comparisons

6. "Trunk Show" & Patient Marketing

7. Research Patient & Insurance Charges & Payments Received

8. Track Frame and Lens Lab Orders and Notify Patients

9. Easily View & Analyze with Graphs

10. Audit Appointment, Pre-appointment, No Show and Cancelled Results - Audit Fee Slips that are Recorded

11. Analyze Payments Applied to Groups and Codes

12. Compare Provider Productivity by Codes Billed

13. Patient Charges Never Recorded and Patient & Insurance Receivables

  • 1030 - Patient Accounts Receivable
  • 1035 - Insurance Company Accounts Receivable
  • 1040 - Patient ExamWRITER and Lab Order Open Charges

14. Product & Services Setup Listings

15. Audit Financial & Inventory Adjustments, Deleted Payments, Fee Slip Postings and Electronic Insurance Claims

16. Track Who Purchased Frames and Contact Lenses

17. ExamWRITER®

18. Inventory

19. Analysis Reports for Managed Care Managers

20. eyeReports By Request