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eyeReports end of product life

  • Due to the death of Stephen Rosenbaum, Owner, Founder, and Creator of eyeReports, the eyeReports are no longer available.

Favorite eyeReports with Video Overviews

Our overview videos will show you the top reasons to use eyeReports for OfficeMate! Look for our favorites, and other eyeReports with videos.

# Title Description Category
3 003Practice Metrics Quickly get your practice metrics in a few clicks. Overview
5 005Insurance Analysis Know what companies to accept and increase collections. Overview
30 030Recall Listing Find the patients who are not getting recalled. Overview
155 155Sales by Dispenser Compare your dispenser sales and know who is upselling. Overview
360 360Appointment Scheduler Tools Ensure you are not losing revenue and save staff time. Overview
600,610,620 600Lab Order Tracking Easy, efficient and effective lab order tracking. Overview

Catalog of All Reports by Function

Reports for Owners, Office Managers, Supervisors, Inventory Managers, Buyers, Practice Management Consultants, and Frame Sales Representatives.
If you don't see what you want let us know and we can probably create it for you. Click the report name you're interested in below to go to the detailed report page.

Where Can You Use eyeReports?

Our article Using eyeReports in Your Practice describes which reports you would use when, by day and by function.

0. Key Performance Indicators & Practice Metrics

1 - Practice Metrics and Key Indicators

These workbooks provides the Key Metrics to assess a practice and many other Key Performance Indicators that give you the information you need to make intelligent business decisions. Most of the metrics discussed in the "Management & Business Academy Key Metrics for Assessing Optometric Practice Performance" (mba-ce.com) are included in these reports.

0 PS - Product Sales and Units Key Performance Indicators Graphed

In one easy to view eyeReport, see your products and services units sold and net fees generated, graphed.

2 - Trending Graphs of Practice Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

Curious where your practice has been and where it's going? Do you want to see and analyze your practice metrics over time? 8 graph categories of all key practice metrics and performance indicators show how you are doing from 2007 to present.

3 - Quick Focus on the Metrics That Matter

This eyeReport gives you specific practice metrics with only a few mouse clicks, helping you quickly focus in on the practice areas that need improvement. Compare periods. All results are graphed for easy analysis.

4 - Get Your Practice Metrics for Your PM Consultants or Internal Reports

This eyeReport gives you a one click method to get the specific metrics you need to give to your practice consultants or in-house staff who analyze your business. Save time by quickly getting the metrics you need across all areas of the practice.

451 - Count Patient Encounters and Medicaid/Medicare EHR Incentives Calculation Report

Get the number of patient encounters by product and service types or CPT codes for your practice metrics. Get the % of Medicaid or Medicare patient encounters during a period to get your EHR incentives.

1. Compare Insurance Company Charges, Net Collections, Profits, Charge Backs & VSP Lab Charges

5 - Insurance Company Analysis, Open Charges & Gross Profits by Frames Sold

This eyeReport will quickly get your eyeReports investment back by: 1) increasing your insurance collections, or 2) reducing income tax payments, or 3) stopping you from losing money from frame sales to insurance patients, or 4) by insurance company, help you analyze collections received and gross profits by fee slip to analyze whether to continue to accept the carrier.

2. Track Sales by Dispensers and Patient Source

155 - Frame, Lens, Lens Treatment and Other Product Sales by Dispensers

Track frame, ophthalmic lenses and other product sales by dispenser. Compute staff net fees and gross profit per hour.

190 - Track Sales by Patient Source

How effective is your marketing? What are the sources of your patients? What is the sales history of those sources? This report shows the fees and gross profits generated by the source of the patient. Know where your patients are coming from and what fees are generated from employers, marketing, insurance companies, patient and professional referrals. Know what patient and professionals are referring patients to your practice and how many by month.

3. Track Sales by Product Categories (for Frame Reps and Buyers)

160 - Frames Sold by Fee, Cost, Age Ranges, Mount & Manufacturers/Designers

Get a complete picture of your frame sales within various categories.

400 - Frame Sales Analysis by Gender, Average Cost, Cost and Fee Ranges and Manufacturer

Find our what is selling in various cost ranges, ages, gender and more!

510 - Frame Sales Gross Profit per Board Space & Turns

Reports the Gross Profit and number of turns the frame has had based on allocated board space. Hand this report to a frame rep to analyze the sales of their frames. This report was recommended by frame reps.

4. Analyze Daily Services and Product Sales

175 - Daily Sales & Payments Received at Time of Visit

What do your day's sales and collections REALLY look like? This report shows exactly that - without the collections and adjustments from prior days mixed in. Compare production by Providers, Staff and Locations. Know what is being sold by each. Compare sales by days. Know the amount and % collected from the patients at the time of visit. Compare staff collection percents.

460 - Daysheets and Patient Payments Received

Get Day Sheets for every day of the month, not just for a single day like OfficeMate.

5. Analyze Sales w/Monthly Comparisons

110 - Monthly Net Fees Comparison by Production & Financial Groups

The report you need to compare your monthly fees from one month to the next. Monthly sales by Financial and Production Groups, dollar amounts and percents.

115 - Monthly Sales Comparisons by CPT Codes - Dollars and Percents

This report presents fees charged and units billed by month by CPT Codes. It also compares Provider charges by CPT Code.

650 - Monthly Applied Payments Comparison by Production & Financial Groups

Applied Payments by Production and Financial groups. Get a true picture of your receipts against charges on the Date of Service by Month. Also see your Gross Profits after collections.

6. "Trunk Show", Patient Marketing & Follow Up

210 - Trunk Show, VIP List, and Patients Spending Specified Amounts

Get the list of names of patients who have spent a designated amount on product purchases. Get a VIP list of patients by amounts paid to the practice.

220 - Diagnosis Code Listing

Do you want to contact patients with a specified diagnosis code to let them know about new equipment you have to help their condition? Want to email patients with specified diagnosis for other reasons? Report 220 lists all patients with a Diagnosis Code entered on a fee slip. You can then search for specific codes and get the patients email address and demographic information to make it easy to contact them.

15 - Patient Listings and Demographic & Other Selection Filters

These reports are valuable to understand your Patient Demographics, but also valuable when ordering frames to meet those demographic needs. You can filter and sort your patient data on all columns and select specific patients based on Demographics. These reports have ALL the information in the patient demographic record.

30 - Recall Date Listing

This report helps you to be sure that all of your patients recall dates are in the future and not lost in the past. With filters, you can find all patients whose Recall Dates are before their Last Exam Dates. With this information you can update the patient recall dates.

35 - Patients Referred Out Tracking Report

Are you using the OfficeMate Referred Out Tracking Process? If yes, this eyeReport helps you track who has been referred out so you can give great follow up service and be sure they return.

7. Research Patient & Insurance Charges & Payments Received

460 - Daysheets and Patient Payments Received

This is one of the two reports you need to reconcile the monies you receive daily with the deposit ticket and the monies on hand to be deposited. It also lists the charges from lab orders and exams that have not been posted yet.

465 - Patient Payments Received at Time of Visit

What percent of the fee are you collecting from the patient at time of visit? This report lists the fee slip details with the patient amount due and matches the payment on that initial visit with the patient charge.

470 - Insurance Payments Received and Unapplied

This is one of the two reports you need to reconcile the monies you receive daily with the deposit ticket and the monies on hand to be deposited and not applied.

8. Track Frame and Lens Lab Orders and Notify Patients

600 - Frame and Lens Lab Order Tracking

Find out what orders have been received, which ones are still outstanding, who has not been notified who has been notified but their jobs have still not been picked up, check your orders that have not been invoiced and more with this report!

610 - Soft Contact Lens Lab Order Tracking

This report will "give you a handle" on your soft lens lab orders! These are the worksheets your active dispensers and/or providers need to keep track of orders and notify patients to pick up their lenses.

620 - Rigid Contact Lens Lab Order Tracking

This report will give you a handle on your rigid lens lab orders. These are the worksheets your active dispensers and/or providers need to keep track of orders and notify patients to pick up their lenses.

9. Easily View & Analyze with Graphs

20 - Patient Demographic Data

Quickly get a picture of your patient base with this group of graphs.

655 - Applied Payments by Production Groups, CPT & ICD-9 Codes

These graphs give you an easy way to view applied payments by Production Groups, Financial Groups, CPT Codes and ICD-9 Codes by Provider, Staff, Insurance and Locations. The compaion to report #650.

176 - Multi-Location Comparison of Fees, Collections, Payment Types+

Graphs comparing one of your locations to another for the same period! These graphs are companions to report #175.

165 - Frame Sales by Frame Characteristics & Manufacturer

This graphical presentation report gives you an easy way to view a recap of your frame units sold by gender, mount, usage, material, insurance company and manufacturer.

25 - Patients with Insurance

These easy to view graphs will quickly show you the number and percent of patients by their primary insurance company.

10. Audit Appointment, Pre-appointment, No Show and Cancelled Results - Find Missing Fee Slips & Meaningful Use Fields

360 - Appointments Scheduled and Audit Fee Slips Recorded at Time of Visit, Recall Date Updates, and Meaningful Use required fields

All the details of patients' scheduled plus an audit report that compares scheduled patients to recorded fee slips and their recall dates to be sure they are updated. It also includes the patient demographic information and financial status of the scheduled patients. Audit who has been seen compared with who have been charged. See who requires authorization or elibigility in advance. Print routing slips for all scheduled patients.

11. Analyze Payments Applied to Groups and Codes

650 - Applied Payments by Production Groups, CPT Codes & ICD-9 Codes

Easily view by month and year applied payments by Production Groups, Financial Groups, CPT Codes and ICD-9 Codes by Provider, Staff, Insurance and Locations.

655 - Graphs of Applied Payments by Production Groups, CPT Codes & ICD-9 Codes

Easily view using graphs of applied payments by Production Groups, Financial Groups, CPT Codes and ICD-9 Codes by Provider, Staff, Insurance and Locations.

12. Compare Provider Productivity by Codes Billed

50 - Daily Provider Comparison - CPT and Diagnosis Codes Billed

If you want to compare your Provider Production this is the report you need. Select a CPT or Diagnosis Code and the report shows what fees were generated by the code by Provider.

55 - Daily Provider Productivity by Primary Diagnosis Codes Recorded

Similar to #50, these reports provide running totals by day by Provider, but by the Primary Diagnosis code you select.

13. Patient Charges Never Recorded and Patient & Insurance Receivables (Charges Recorded but Still Owed)

1030 - Patient Accounts Receivables

Lists the patient charges recorded and still owning from patients.

1035 - Insurance Company Accounts Receivable

Lists the Insurance Company charges recorded and still owing from the company.

1040 - Patient ExamWRITER and Lab Order Open Charges

Lists all ExamWRITER exams and Lab Order Charges that are still open to be posted. Don't lose revenues because staff is not posting patient charges.

14. Product & Services Setup Listings

255 - Frames, Plano Sunglasses and Other Products Setup Details

These reports give you a detailed listing of the Attribute Fees, Attribute Costs, CPT codes, financial and production groups and all other data added to the product tab. This report can also be used to find products without codes, produciton and financial groups and attributes assigned, etc.

260 - Services Setup Details

These reports give you a detailed listing of the fee, CPT codes, financial and prodution groups and all other data added to the Product tab. This report can also be used to find services with and without codes, groups, and other product details.

530 - Vendor Listing

Use this report to review the vendor information you have in OfficeMate. It replaces the current vendor listing in the OfficeMate Reports.

15. Audit Financial & Inventory Adjustments, Deleted Payments, Fee Slip Postings and Electronic Insurance Claims

480 - Discounts Posted by Recorded By

Package Discounts, Other Discounts and Insurance Discounts Recaps. This report shows you the many discounts and package discounts given to patients for the period you select.

490 - Patient Ledger Adjustments

Audit the staff adjustments made to the patient and insurance ledger balances. See all of the adjustments made during a period! Get a list of fee slips that are voided to know who are voiding fee slips and compare voids by staff.

450 - Audit Fee Slips and Open Charges

Save time by using this report to find fee slip posting errors and which Providers and Staff Names have been assigned to the fee slip line items. This report is important for correct reporting by Dispenser and Commission Calculations. It also has Patient Open Charges and Voided Fee Slips.
Vision Source members - be sure the correct products are charged to patients based on their insurance or private pay.

500 - Inventory Adjustments Recorded

Protect your valuable assets! With this report it's easy to see all of the adjustments made to inventory over a selected period.

440 - Payment Reversal and Applied Payment Adjustments Made by Staff

This report lists all payment reversal made by staff to patient records. Because the posted payments can be reversed or changed, this report shows those that have occurred and the reason for the changes. The report also shows all changes made to previously applied payments. Why are they changed?

495 - Insurance Claims Open, Submitted, On Hold and with Errors

This report lists and shows you the status of the electronic claims submitted. Easily find Open, On Hold and Submitted claims. Know which claims still have errors. Increase your cash flow by monitoring your insurance claims on a regular basis.

16. Track Who Purchased Frames and Contact Lenses

145 - Contact Lens Sales to Patients

This report shows what patients are buying which contact lenses.

155 - Frame, Lens, Lens Treatment and Other Product Sales by Dispensers

Track frame, ophthalmic lenses and other product sales by dispenser. Compute staff net fees and gross profit per hour.

17. ExamWRITER and Meaningful Use Qualification & Support & Exam Analysis

900 - ExamWRITER® Open Exams, Patient Pachmetry and Therapeutic Rx Information

This report lists all of the open exams that are still to be completed or billed in ExamWRITER, plus patients by their IOP's Pachmetry readings and Therapeutic Rx info. Use this report to clear old exams, contact patients that did not show for exams and find exams that have not been billed. Use the patient tools to graph a patient's IOP's over time, pachmetry history and therapeutic Rx history.

920 - Meaningful Use ExamWRITER® and Demographic Fields

Use this tool to be sure all of the Meaningful Use fields are completed so there are no questions that you will qualify. Don't wait until your compliance % is low to start!

930 - Analyze Revenues Created from Exams & Know Exams Without a Recorded Fee Slip

This report lists all exams where a fee slip was not created. It also analyzes how many exams became lab orders which then became recorded fee slips. Are your exams effective at generating revenues? Are all of your exam charges being recorded?

220 - Diagnosis Code, Age & CPT Codes

Use this tool to find the Core measure 10 compliance for Diagnosis, Age and CPT Codes performed analysis.

18. Inventory Reports

520 - Inventory Listing with Quantities and Dates and Sales History

This report lists your inventory and the quantities, values and dates related to the products. This report replaces the OfficeMate Inventory Custom Reports.

525 - Purchase Order Listing and Status & Frame Sales History

Use this report to check the status of purchase orders. It replaces the 3 Purchase Order Reports in OfficeMate.

19. Analysis Reports for Managed Care Managers

10 - Patients by Insurance Companies

Use this eyeReport to verify insurance coverages for scheduled patients who have vision and medical insurance in advance of their appointment. It also lists all patients and their insurance information - get the information by a specific insurance company or just have a list of the patients. Filter by Month of Last Exam and Year of Last Exam. You can also see inactive patients.

70 - CPT codes associated with ICD-9 codes

Review what CPT Codes are associated with ICD-9 codes with this report.

75 - CPT & ICD-9 Codes Charged Associated to Age Ranges and Gender

For insurance analysts - this report is for you. Many insurance managers have requested an analysis of the CPT Codes performed and the Diagnosis Codes selected by patient age and gender.

80 - Primary Diagnosis Codes Charges & Units

This report gives you all you need to know about the ICD-9 codes your Providers are billing.

20. eyeReports By Request

These eyeReports are not applicable to all practices, however when you purchase eyeReports they are available to you by request. Simply email eyeReports or send a Support Ticket to request the report you would like, or contact eyeReports after ordering your eyeReports.

16 - Print a Patient Information Verification Form

Save Staff time! Print a form with your patient's demographic information on it for them to verify that the information you have on file is current and correct.

810 - Manual Journal Entries for Your Accounting System

Although OfficeMate only interfaces with the MAS90 or QuickBooks accounting systems, with this report you can use the MAS90 interface process and get the journal entries you need to manually enter the journal entries into any accounting system. We'll also send you a document on how to use the MAS90 interace, although OfficeMate - not eyeReports - is responsible for support of the interace.

1000 - ODExcellence Profit Center Data Gathering Tool

Are you a member of ODExcellence? If you are, this eyeReport will quickly gather the monthly data you need to enter into the ODX Profit Center on their web site to get your practice metrics.

1010 - Cleinman Performance Partners Data Gathering Report

Are you a Cleinman Performance Partner? If you are, this eyeReport will quickly gather the monthly data you need to enter into the CPP web site to get your practice metrics.

1020 - Williams Group Data Gathering Report

Are you a client of the Williams Group? If you are, this eyeReport will quickly gather most of the data you need to report to your consultant. Save time and get consistent results with this eyeReport!