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Stephen Rosenbaum

CPA, MBA, Practice Management Consultant

Stephen Rosenbaum, 1948-2018, was the founder of OfficeMate Software, Inc. and was the chief designer, technology officer and product manager of the OfficeMate® Software system from 1981 to 1997.

For many years Stephen provided his expertise in EyeCare software systems as a consultant to OfficeMate®. His contributions as a subject matter expert were working with the design, development, quality assurance and support teams, providing training and technical support for clients, as well as designing and writing specifications for many of the financial areas of the software.

Stephen's passion was designing systemized software solutions for practice management. His extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the OfficeMate database and level of reporting that practices wanted led him to the creation of eyeReports.

Where Can You Use eyeReports?

Our article Using eyeReports in Your Practice describes which reports you would use when, by day and by function.

eyeReports are Discontinued

Due to the death of Stephen Rosenbaum, the Owner, Founder, and Creator of eyeReports, eyeReports are no longer available

About eyeReports

Bringing a new perspective for analysis reports in your practice

eyeReports are designed from a different perspective than the OfficeMate® reports - using spreadsheets and viewing the data on your PC rather than a printer-formatted report. Our Microsoft Excel spreadsheets typically contain many columns of data that you view across your screen. Sort and filter the columns, expand and contract the rows using features built into Excel and already formatted in our spreadsheets.

Years of experience leads to development of new reports

From working with OfficeMate® clients over many years, the idea for a new way of reporting became compelling. The suite of reports in eyeReports was conceived to add to the value you already have with the reports in the OfficeMate® software system.

eyeReports use YOUR data

Your data in the OfficeMate® database is a significant investment in time and money. Our reports leverage the data you have to analyze your practice using our quick, flexible and easy to use spreadsheets.

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What is eyeReports.biz?

eyeReports.biz was established for the community of practices and businesses that use the OfficeMate® Software System ("the Community"). Its mission is to provide additional reporting to give the Community and their advisors the information and analytics they need to, 1) continue to grow and be successful and make intelligent decisions based on the best information on hand after analyzing past results, 2) manage staff, 3) manage inventory, 4) provide tools to audit results, audit staff actions and analyze the managed care portion of the practice. It also provides a forum where the Community can gather and share ideas on reports that are still needed and have a discussion on how the reports are being used to successfuly manage practices.

Why eyeReports?

The current list of eyeReports have been designed to provide owners, practice management consultants and managers a complete picture of practice results and provide the tools needed to analyze the results and audit the performances of the team members. They also provide reports to analyze the managed care portion of the practice and audit any changes made to financial transactions or inventory assets. While there are over 50 workbooks and 200 individual reports or graphs on individual worksheets, most can be broken out to be used in functional areas of the business - see the article on Using eyeReports in Your Practice. eyeReports are also many of the reports requested to help users of OfficeMate® manage their practices.

Advantages of eyeReports

1. Powerful Microsoft Excel features

eyeReports use the power and features of Microsoft Excel 2007 ("Excel") or above and the Pivot Table process. With every eyeReport there are multiple filters that can be selected to tailor a report to your needs. Select on Locations, Fee Slip Dates, Dates of Service, Product Types, Staff Members, Fee Slip numbers, Fee Slip or Dates of Service, patient names, etc.

2. Results are related back to the Date of Service/Fee Slip Date

All eyeReports results are related back to the Date of Service. The reports give a true picture of the net sales results or monies applied when the service was performed, not by the day the transactions and receipts were posted. When comparing a month's results, you see a true "apples" to "apples" comparison. For example, if a service is performed on February 1st and adjustments are made and monies are received in March, the February report shows all of the fees, adjustments and monies received. Adjustments posted in March on February sales will show on the February report not the March report.

3. Designed to remain open and display on the screen, more information on a screen

While the reports can be printed, the reports are not designed with that in mind. Each eyeReport is designed to be displayed on a computer monitor so the available data to view is not confined to be printed on an 8 1/2" x 11" paper. An effective method to use the reports are keeping the reports open and refreshing the data at the end of the day to see the daily results. Therefore, more information can be seen on a monitor and with the scroll bars, more information can be seen in a report.

4. Faster to process

The Excel Worksheet needs to be refreshed to retrieve the latest data from your database, however once refreshed, the results can be seen very quickly on a report when selecting a filter or analyzing a field or searching for the detail.

5. Complete detail is available that make up a total

When a report shows a category or group, the complete detail that makes up the totals is also available to support the totals. For example, you see a total for a frame sale, by clicking a + sign next to the name, the fee slip #, Fee Slip date, Patient Name and products sold will be displayed for review. This feature saves staff time when researching and provides additional data needed to understand the report results.

6. Almost every field in a report has a filter to select one or many of the group

Most fields, because of Excel, allow for drop down lists to further refine a report. If a detail listing gives you fee slip #, Date, Patient Name or Product name, you can refine your search and create a report with only the selected date, product name, fee slip number, etc. In addition, most report results can be seen by Location, Date of Service Year, Month or Day, Fee Slip year, Month or Day., Insurance, Provider, Staff, Product Type, etc.

7. A report Community Forum is Available to Share Ideas and Uses

As eyeReport clients use the reports we suggest that users share on the forum any unique ways the reports are being used in practices to manage the business. When a community shares ideas, everyone is better for it. In addition, use the forum to discuss any new reports that should be created. If you are a Package Report purchaser of all of the reports, any new reports will be available to you.

8. You can purchase all reports and upgrades for 1 package price

If you are not sure which reports you may use as the years progress, you can become part of the eyeReports community by purchasing the full package of reports for 1 fee, as long as we offer this option. This fee gives you all of the reports as you need them with a 1 year annual license fee. There are over 45 report workbooks each containing multiple reports. With all our eyeReports plus the filter options, your reporting request for data is limited only by your imagination.

9. eyeReports support is just a click away

We know you are busy and difficult to reach during the day should there be a support issue with a workbook. On the eyereports.biz web site you may find your answer in our Frequently Asked Questions or you can send us a support ticket. Once your support ticket is received we will email you a solution. If it becomes necessary to go on your computer to troubleshoot the problem, no problem, we'll access your computer and solve the problem that way.